Chasing people for debt can be tiresome, especially if those indebted to you are doing all they can to avoid repayments. It’s a time-consuming endeavour and may be difficult to complete without additional help. Save yourself the time and money, and invest in a debtor tracing service. 

What is debtor tracing? 

Debtor tracing is a professional service used to track down those avoiding debt, so debt collections can continue. It ensures the money owed to you will continue to be repaid, despite someone’s attempts to avoid it. 

The most common need for debtor tracing is when an individual has failed to provide a forwarding address from their last known address and is refusing to provide that necessary information in order to continue payments. Trying to contact an individual in these circumstances can be tricky, which is why professional debtor tracing services do it for you. CRA (or Credit Reference Agency) data is often used to track down these debtors, providing you with their new location. 

Accessing this information must be done in a legal manner by debtor tracing services, ensuring all investigations are in accordance with UK law and will hold up in court proceedings. As it’s uncertain which cases may end up in court, it is always vital that information is accessed legally. 

Benefits of debtor tracing

The first major benefit of investing in debtor tracing services is the return of money owed to you. For those companies or individuals who rely on debt repayments, it’s essential to keep track of debtors. County Enforcement provides a service that can assist both individuals and their companies with debtor tracing services. 

In a society where people are constantly changing addresses, it can be difficult to keep track of debtors. With debtor tracing, anyone purposefully avoiding repayments by not providing you with a forwarding address can be easily traced with a CRA. The small investment in debtor tracing is worth it for the money being returned. 

Debtor tracing with County Enforcement has fast and accurate results. We can quickly trace those indebted to you, providing you with the necessary information needed to continue the repayments. Instead of wasting valuable time, you can invest in debtor tracing services to solve the issue in a much shorter time frame. 

Should I use debtor tracing?

At County Enforcement, we believe that debtor tracing & investigation services are a worthwhile investment for any business or individual. If you are spending time chasing those indebted to you, there is a simple solution. 

With most debts getting written off after 6 years of no contact, businesses and individuals write off millions of pounds worth of debt every year. The cost of debtor tracing is much less than simply writing off the debt altogether, and losing out on that potential income. Stop customers disappearing without a trace, and invest in County Enforcement’s debtor tracing service. 

You can get in touch with County Enforcement for more information on our debtor tracing service, or for further details on any of our services.