Technical Protester Removal & Management

In 2004 County established its Eviction Response Team (ERT) in conjunction with our introduction of Common Law Eviction service and pioneered a new method of enforcement.

Eviction Response Team (ERT)

In an uncertain world, you want to be able to rely on an effective solution to have your property returned to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

County’s professionally trained Eviction Response Team have a wealth of experience operating in protestors, squatters, travellers. It is this experience that provides the exceptional success rate we have returning property or land to our clients.

Post eviction our Eviction Response Team will prevent any attempt to regain the property. Their experience of points of entry and tactics used by squatters, persons unknown and protestors to gain access back provide you with confidence that your property will remain secure.

With organised protests making headlines in recent years, active resistance against the petroleum  industry, property redevelopments, transport projects and land clearance and demolition works, have created the requirement for a safe and comprehensive protest and demonstration management solution.

Delays to enabling works, operations and logistics can be extremely costly both financially and in adverse public relations as well as damaging to the economy delaying associated growth. County are able to generate bespoke resolutions to such proceedings ensuring the safe and organised removal of demonstrators.

Our dedicated Eviction Response Team have the necessary training, operational understanding and experience to manage and function in response to specialist and organised resistance including; tunnelling, climbing, lock-on and improvised structure construction.

For more information please visit our Eviction Response Team website