Squatter Eviction Kent

Have you got squatters living on your property in Kent? County Enforcement have the solution that you are looking for. We offer a professional and efficient squatter eviction service in Kent, which will result in the removal of the individuals who are refusing to leave your property.

It is our aim to carry out our squatter eviction process in a controlled and calm manner, to reduce tensions and ensure the safety of all parties involved. Our Kent team are experienced, skilled, highly qualified and have all the equipment that is required to undertake the lawful removal of squatters. If our squatter eviction services sound like it could be beneficial to you and your property in Kent, then get in touch with our team today. You can call us on 0844 561 1250 or fill in a contact form online.


Squatter Eviction

A squatter is defined as a person who enters onto, or remains on, a property without lawful authority or permission from the person entitled to possession of the property. If someone is staying at your property without right, or title, or payment of rent, then you can turn to a professional squatter eviction service such as County Enforcement.

Squatters can cause costly damage to your property and potentially undertake criminal activities there too. Not to mention, while the squatters are occupying your property you will be losing out on potential revenue, generated from renting or selling your property. We take swift action to ensure that the property is free from squatters as soon as possible.

By instructing ERT, you are employing a trusted Kent eviction team with an incredibly high success rate and over 30 years’ experience in the industry. We are market leaders and a well-established company who have handled a wide variety of cases, from single squatters to highly televised operations. You can be assured that our Kent squatter eviction service is carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally. As a landlord, we can provide you with all the information you need regarding your legal rights. We are here to assist you and remove any squatters in your property.

Why Choose County Enforcement

Our Kent team are highly qualified and are certificated enforcement agents who are able to conduct the eviction of squatters. They all have a deep understanding of the procedures and work within the law to ensure the successful removal of squatters. Health and safety is one of our primary concerns and we always carry out our work in a highly professional manner.

Our aim is to protect your Kent property and evict any squatters, to make sure you get back what is yours. If you have any questions about our squatter eviction services then please get in touch with our Kent team today. We know that we can make a difference and provide you with a solution to your squatter eviction problem in Kent. Contact us today on 0844 561 1250  or fill out an online contact form below.


Squatter Eviction Kent FAQs

Squatter eviction Kent is the process of removing individuals who have entered a property and decided to live there without the permission of the property owner. This can be done legally with an IPO (Interim Possession Order) or by claiming possession, the former can only be applied for if it’s been 28 days or less since you’ve noticed squatters on your property in Kent. 

Country Enforcement has an incredibly high success rate for squatter eviction Kent, dealing with each situation in a calm and controlled manner and effectively removing squatters from your property.

If you find unauthorised people living on your property, you may need squatter eviction Kent. This process can help you reclaim ownership of your estate and remove unwanted individuals. 

With some police forces slow to recognise the new trespassing laws, and with others reluctant to get involved, County Enforcement can help with squatter eviction Kent. Get in touch if you find squatters on your property and we’ll deal with the situation professionally.

An IPO, or Interim Possession Order, can be obtained by filing the order to your local county court. Within a few days, you should receive confirmation of your IPO as well as the documents you must present to the squatters within 48 hours. 

Once squatters have been served with an IPO, they must leave your property in Kent within 24 hours and not return for 12 months.

You can evict a squatter in Kent through an Interim Possession Order (IPO) and by making a claim for possession after the squatters have left. At County Enforcement, we can assist with squatter removal in Kent, dealing with the situation in a calm and controlled manner. We are highly qualified and skilled to deal with squatter eviction Kent, so you can regain ownership of your property hassle-free. 

On average, it takes around three to four weeks for squatter eviction in Kent, from when you first notice squatters on your property to the removal process. You can remove squatters by filing an IPO, which will be returned to you within a few days and can be used to evict squatters in Kent. Squatters presented with an IPO must move out within 48 hours. 

A completely hassle-free squatter eviction process could take as little as a week, but there’s a chance that some complications may arise. If you are struggling to evict squatters from your property, you can contact County Enforcement and let us take care of the situation for you.

Squatters don’t have any rights when it comes to trespassing and are breaking the law if they enter your property without permission. However, if a squatter has occupied a residence for ten years or more, they can legally claim ownership of the property in Kent. If the property is not registered with HM Land Registry, this goes up to 12 years. 

However, this right is rarely used for privately owned property and shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Yes. Squatter eviction Kent is a perfectly legal process that can be taken out by our squatter eviction team at County Enforcement. Unwanted or unauthorised occupants of your property are breaking the law and must be dealt with accordingly, whether this is through an Interim Possession Order (IPO) or forceful removal. 

Landlords, homeowners and business owners in Kent must follow protocols and procedures to lawfully remove squatters from their land. This can be done through court proceedings or with the assistance of County Enforcement.

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