Possession Orders Essex

At County Enforcement, we have had years of experience dealing with both commercial and residential possession orders essex. Our service is dedicated to making sure that the best possible outcome is achieved for landlords. Likewise, if you are a letting agent dealing with a problematic tenant, our service can deal with the matter completely, making sure that minimal inconvenience is created.

Our possession orders essex can aid you in evicting the problematic tenant and make sure that the landlord rightfully gets their property back.

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Problems that can be caused by having bad tenants

It can be a stressful and time-consuming process to evict tenants for both accidental and professional landlords. We found it is common that tenants will inaccurately present you as a bad landlord. Working with us can be a great way to calm and mitigate situations throughout the entire process. By using our possession orders essex, arguments between you and your tenant will be minimal and held in a professional manner.

Planned investments or current mortgages can be under threat if your tenant is not paying their bills. Not only this, but there is also the stress of uncertainty as to what could happen in the future if your investments don’t go to plan. 

  • Having to communicate with bad tenants can be stressful
  • Letting tenants off can be very costly
  • By evicting tenants yourself, you can make mistakes
  • Evicting tenants yourself could potentially cost thousands of pounds in the long term
  • Anti-social behaviour

How can we help?

When you apply for possession orders essex with us, you get access to our specialist solicitors and court certified legal professionals. Our possession orders essex and eviction professionals will help you to manage the process either partly or completely. This means that all stages including arrears recovery and enforcement of judgment will be taken care of. Our fully trained professionals will happily represent you in court in order for you to regain possession of your property.


How has evicting tenants been a more difficult process throughout covid-19?

Many different statutory instruments have been put into place since the start of covid-19 in order to protect tenants. In the midst of laws changing throughout the pandemic, landlords have unfortunately been given the short straw, making the process of evicting tenants & getting possession orders essex even harder for landlords. 

Our possession orders essex service is fully updated with the most recent laws and receives training to maintain a strong knowledge base in this sector. If your case is complicated, you can be assured that our advice will be executed thoroughly to give you the best chances of success.

What is the difference between outright possession orders essex and suspended possession orders essex?

By applying for outright possession orders essex, you will set a date for your tenant to leave. Typically, landlords will set this date as 2 weeks after the order is made. The majority of private landlords will use the option to make a section 21 eviction, meaning that the court must make outright possession orders if the notice is valid. Another reason that the court could make an outright order is if there are legal reasons, such as antisocial behaviour. 

On the other hand, a suspended order allows the tenant to stay in their home as long as the tenant keeps to certain conditions. These conditions could be anything from not causing further damage to a house or paying off rent in instalments.