High Court Enforcement Camden

County offers High Court Enforcement in Camden, under the direct authority of Claire Sandbrook AHCEO (Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer) and can enforce writs as issued within the High Court or where permission is obtained from the County Court.

Our High Court Enforcement in Camden can virtually cover any County Court Judgment (CCJ) that is issued in the County Court (where the value is over £600) and can be promptly enforced by one of our High Court Enforcement Officers via the High Court.

high court enforcement Camden

Transferring To High Court Enforcement In Camden

If you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) issued in the County Court we offer a free transfer service which will allow us to begin the High Court Enforcement process your behalf, the only cost is a £66.00 (exclusive of VAT) court administration fee payable to apply for the writ.

To transfer the County Court judgment up to High Court typically takes between 24 and 48 hours but this will depend on the County Court and it could possibly take longer.

To allow us to act on your behalf and process High Court Enforcement in Camden, the following may be required:

  • A copy of the judgment in which you would like to enforce
  • Complete our online instruction form
  • If you require the writ to be obtained on your behalf, a payment of £66

Not only are our High Court Enforcement extremely reliable and efficient, but our service includes persistent communication with our client. Our team will stay in touch, notifying you of any progress made where necessary. We will also make contact once we have the writ, with an enforcement officer attending the defendant’s address.

The Process Of High Court Enforcement In Camden

Writ Of Control (Money Order)
The High Court Enforcement process in Camden begins with an enforcement agent establishing the identity of the defendant and will then begin seizing goods that belong to them. Requests will be made as part of the High Court Enforcement process for the defendant to complete the payment of the sums due under the writ. 

Should the defendant be in a position that they cannot pay the full balance a partial payment may be offered. Goods that are seized are only generally removed if payment is refused, the defendant cannot pay or that the enforcement agent feels that the goods are likely to be removed or could be at risk.

Possession Orders
This form of High Court Enforcement in Camden ensures emptying a property. An enforcement officer will attend the property in Camden (with a locksmith if necessary) and will ask any persons present to leave the property in Camden. Once all persons have left the property the agent will conduct a thorough search of the property to verify that the property is clear of ALL persons. Only once the agent is satisfied that it is empty will they then hand the property over to the High Court Enforcement client (or their pre-approved agent).

How Long Does Enforcement Take?
The main focus of High Court Enforcement is the settlement between our client and the defendant. Once you have the possession or money order and the permission to transfer to the High Court we can have the writ drawn up for you and sealed. This can take between 24 and 72 hours including enforcement.

Occuring Fees

Warrant of Control
In most cases fees incurred are paid for by the defendant. This is in line with the Tribunals Court and Enforcement Act 2007. Under these regulations, we can charge fees in addition to the judgement debt. These fees are only relevant where we are successful in enforcing the judgement.

Possession orders
There is a payment which is payable for this service – you will find that our rates are very competitive. Please contact our client services today on 0844 561 1250 to begin discussing our High Court Enforcement in Camden.

high court enforcement Camden

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