Forfeiture of Lease (Commercial Repossession)

Forfeiture is a common law means of terminating a lease prior to the contractual termination date because of a breach in the terms by the tenant. This process concludes the contractual agreement, and the landlord’s obligations pursuant to the commercial lease. Under the landlords authority our agent will attend and repossess the property, display a tailored and compliant notice and ensure this is safely re-secured.

County can offer a comprehensive access to range of post repossession services and approved third-party suppliers to resolve perceivable eventualities such as supervised access and management of abandoned goods, property security and legal disputes which may arise, and return your property to a re-lettable condition


Tenancy must be in existence – Landlords must have in their possession and supply evidence of a written tenancy.

Must be a breach of terms – Your lease will determine what constitutes a breach in your lease terms, as any attempt to illegally take back your property may result in a repudiatory breach of the lease and the landlord will be liable for damages.

Must be a right of re-entry – Where a breach is identified there must be within your lease an expired and express written right of peaceable re-entry.

Purely commercial property – The lease must not cover a mixed use to include any form of use for residential areas of the property.

County can provide our
clients with access to:

Nationwide coverage throughout England and Wales

Immediate attendance to obtain possession of the demised premises

Approved locksmiths with the Master Locksmiths association

Forfeiture notices supplied, prepared and displayed at the property

The preparation and issuing of a notice under the TORTS (Interference of Goods) Act 1977

Valuation, asset disposal and site clearance capabilities