The expressions ‘squatter’ and ‘trespasser’ have the same meaning and are interchangeable. A trespasser or squatter is a person who enters onto, or remains on, property without lawful authority or defence, County provide an effective solution to have your property returned to you as quickly and efficiently.

For over four decades County have established a reputation as one of the leading ethical and successful eviction and trespasser removal companies within the UK.  Our comprehensive approach coupled with our extensive wealth of experience enables us to assess and safely remove unauthorised trespassers from your land or property in as little as 24 hours. We are specialists in traveller eviction services and act quickly to help you reclaim your land.

Eviction Response Team
Technical Protester Removal and Management

Established in 2004, our highly trained and fully equipped Eviction Response Team are utilised to safely manage and support the lawful removal of persons employing passive and active resistance to the eviction process. County are regularly employed on televised evictions, environmental protests, marine and aquatic and demonstrations at height and therefore ensure that no matter the situation we face we are appropriately equipped to preserve our exceptional success rate.