Health & Safety Policy

It is the responsibility of County to ensure the well being of all personnel whilst employed upon their premises under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

We shall work in accordance with all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements and maintain an up to date register of these. We are committed to fulfilling our legal requirements. County are committed to implementing the principles of 45001.

It is the policy of the Company that all operations are conducted to ensure as far as reasonably possible the Health & Safety of their employees and all persons likely to be affected by their operations, including Sub-Contractors and the public.

We are also committed to the prevention of work related injuries and ill health. We are committed to communicating effectively to all employees and those whom we engage with on health and safety matters. We actively encourage participation and consultation of workers and commit to proving a safe and healthy working environment.

On each site the Supervisor in charge is required to ensure that all employees observe the Company’s safety procedures. It is the function of the Management to provide the right environment and are committed to eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks.

However, all employees have a legal duty not only to work in a safe manner but also to co-operate in efforts made to create and maintain a safe environment.

We shall ensure we establish a clear framework for setting and reviewing the objectives and are also committed to continual improvement of our occupational health and safety management.

To achieve the following:

It is the duty of the Director, through the company Management structure, to advise on all safety matters, to keep an appraisal of the success or otherwise of their measure and to advise Management of possible refinements.

The Director has a further duty to advise all other employees of their particular responsibilities.

The Management Team will conduct regular Risk Assessments with a view to seeing that safety standards are maintained or improved, and it is the duty of all employees to co-operate with the Operations Team at all times and to obey their instructions.


Marc Mooney
Managing Director