Environmental Policy

County is committed to working in accordance with 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Our activities will be undertaken with consideration for the environment as part of the process to save energy, reduce consumption of non re-newable resources, prevent pollution and minimize waste.

In order to meet the above requirements, we will:

  • Monitor our use of energy, transport and natural resources with a view to reducing our impact on the environment;
  • Support process modifications that reduce waste, re-use and encourage recycling;
  • Maintain sufficient documentation to demonstrate our known level of compliance with all our environmental requirements;
  • Work to promote positive environmental awareness, behaviours and actions;
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements and recognise and comply with other relevant requirements which relate to our environmental aspects that may be placed upon us;
  • Assess, in advance where possible, environmental impact resulting from our business operations and the environmental effects of any significant development and adjust our plans accordingly;
  • Ensure that all incidents and non compliance situations are reported, recorded and root causes identified where environmental harm occurs or could have occurred and ensure that appropriate corrective actions are implemented;
  • Demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement by using this policy as a framework for setting a programme of environmental targets and objectives for our activities and review the effectiveness of these using measurements on a regular basis;
  • Communicate and display this policy document and provide the necessary information, instruction, supervision and training to enable all persons working on our behalf to fulfil their environmental duties. In turn, this policy document will be made readily available to all other interested parties and stakeholders.
  • To establish objectives for the business which are commensurate with our commitment to deliver high technical standards .
  • To provide a framework of review for these standards.
  • To build partnerships with like-minded organisations .
  • To review this policy and our objectives periodically and strive for continual improvement.
  • To ensure risks and opportunities are identified, understood, managed and periodically reviewed.
  • To ensure interested parties are aware of the business’s intentions within this policy.
  • To communicate this policy to all stakeholders and interested parties.

This policy will be periodically reviewed and, where necessary, be subject to amendment.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for setting this Environmental Policy and carrying out a review of our objectives to promote continual improvement of the Environmental Management System. The MD shall demonstrate a commitment to fulfilling it compliance obligations by ensuring this policy and the principles of 14001 are implemented throughout the business


Marc Mooney
Managing Director