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Civil Enforcement Agents and High Court Enforcement

County Enforcement Group operate nationwide, specialising in the areas of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), High Court enforcement, forfeiture of leases, removal of travellers, eviction of squatters and persons unknown, process serving, investigations and vacant building security.

In 2004 County established its Eviction Response Team in conjunction with our introduction of Common Law Eviction service and pioneered a new method of enforcement. Our ERT are specialists in Evicting Squatters from commercial properties and Unwanted Travellers (Gypsies) from private land.

County offer a wide range of High Court solutions to include the enforcement of Court Warrants and Writs throughout England and Wales; through our Legal Support Services we ensure that your case is handled professionally and efficiently and ensure that you get what you are owed.

County has attained a wealth of experience and professionalism over three decades of acting successfully on behalf of landlords, solicitors, managing agents and private clients nationwide and pride ourselves on the key areas: Honesty, Efficiency and Integrity and ensure that we utilise all of our experienced resources in the best way, with one common objective: “...to assist our client to reach their objective in the most cost effective way...”

YOUR property is OUR business ...

Since the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act received Royal Assent back in 2007, County Enforcement Group have been at the forefront of the industry leading reform. County were commissioned to co-author the Law Society publication: Enforcement and Debt Recovery: A Guide to the New Law in 2008.

In 2012 County produced the white paper consultation to CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association) which was presented to the Ministry of Justice (protecting Landlords rights) intended for the release of TCEA 2007 on April 6th 2014.

Whilst many other enforcement companies may claim they have been ‘paramount’ in the process or ‘leading the way’ County’s involvement speaks for itself. In preparation of the implementation of TCEA 2007 in April, County have been heavily involved in providing seminars and consultation to leading members from the enforcement industry; legal industry; finance sectors and Government bodies.

County are involved in the release of the second edition of Enforcement and Debt Recovery due for release later this year. County’s involvement in industry leading events can be viewed on our timeline as this spreads from 1982. Since 2007 County have led the way for the industry and will continue to shape modern enforcement into the new era of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery.

Instruct Us ...

CRAR Warrant

Landlords have the right to recover rent as soon as it is overdue through CRAR
CRAR Warrant

Forfeiture of lease

Forfeiture is a means of terminating a lease due to a breach in the lease terms by the tenant.
Commercial Forfeiture / Repossession


The right to remove and evict unwanted persons or squatters from commercial premises.

High Court Enforcement

Transfer and Enforcement of judgment and possession orders.

High Court Enforcement

Process Serving

Process serving, investigation, tracing and asset location.

Process Serving

Travellers The right to remove travellers and unwanted persons from private open land.
High Court Writ of Possession

Ancillary debt Service charges, insurance and associated costs. Ancillary Debt

Tracing Trace enquiries for business and people, including addresses and assets. Trace Investigations

History of County

F P Sherlock Private Investigators

County Investigations is established

County Bailiff Company (Partnership) established

County serve the injunction on Arthur Scargill ending the miners strike

County establish client accounts with Natwest

County act on behalf of News International and serve injunctions unions to end the Wapping dispute

County challenge The Enterprise Act

County launch Eviction Response Team (common law eviction specialists)

County introduce common law evictions to the retail high street

County become members of the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies

County are key speakers at the Computer and Internet Crime Conference

The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act receives Royal ascent

County join the British Property Federation

County co-author of Enforcement and Debt Recovery - A guide to the new law

County contribute to Property Insolvency Publication

County publish Credit Today article introducing the possible implications of the TCEA 2007 to the industry

County become members of CIVEA

County take seat on the Executive Committee of CIVEA

County provide White paper on TCE Act to the Ministry of Justice

Asked by the Law Society to co-author the second edition on the book Enforcement and Debt Recovery

A New Beginning - TCEA 2007 comes into force

County Bailiff Company changes trading name to County Enforcement Group, a partnership business



County & County Enforcement Group are trading names of County Enforcement Limited

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